The Law and Governance programme focuses on constitutional and legislative reform, strengthening the rule of law and participatory democracy. The Trust is committed to citizen’s engagement and participation in constitutional reform and transitional justice processes. Central to these reforms is the recognition of the importance of economic, social and cultural rights, traditionally not prioritized in constitutional reform initiatives.

LST engages in research and critical analysis of bills and policies from the perspective of human rights and constitutionalism. The Trust also documents and analyzes the State’s accountability and commitment to human rights issues through its responses to the judiciary, other state institutions and to issues relating to impunity.

Through this program the Trust aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue and cooperation between citizens and the State, and where necessary, support communities to hold the State accountable to deliver on national and international commitments. This is primarily achieved through community governance platforms and building relationships with provincial councils and local government authorities in promoting participatory governance.

In recognition of the historical work on devolution, minority rights and participatory governance, the Trust is committed to deepening public understanding of these issues. In addition, the Trust supports legal practitioners and academics in upholding and defending well-established principles of human rights, equality and dignity. This includes engaging with legal education, strategic public interest litigation and regular discussions within the legal professions on promoting and defending human rights principles in practice and law.